Atrato fintech raises $15M for e-commerce loans

Atrato, a Mexican fintech, raised $15M in a debt financing round led by Architect Capital. The startup only recently closed its $2.7M seed round in April.

Atrato is a credit platform that offers users advanced technology to underwrite clients’ loans at the point of sale on e-commerce sites. The fintech startup is tackling a very prevalent issue in the company, both for customers and retailers.

“Atrato is directly integrated at the checkout site for shops, both online and physical stores. It uses technology to underwrite and pay purchases of up to MXN$150,000 ($7,554) in a matter of minutes,” explained Rogelio Rea, co-founder of Atrato.

The new funding will enable the company to offer more credit lines and provide better deals for customers. The platform aims to continue growing aggressively in the country and expects to reach 60,000 loans soon.

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