Ayenda raises $8.7M Series A led by Kaszek Ventures

LatAm ListAyendaRooms, the Colombian low-cost hotel chain, recently raised an $8.7M Series A round led by Kaszek Ventures as it looks to expand into Peru.

The startup uses smart technology to connect and improve the services of small hotels in major cities, ensuring quality and efficiency for customers. Ayenda provides hotel software, pricing algorithms, and improved marketing techniques, such as a mobile booking app for travelers.

Altabix, Kairos, and BWG Ventures also contributed to the funding round alongside Kaszek Ventures. The startup is looking to use the investment to start expanding into Peru and consolidate its presence in Colombia.

“Kaszek has expertise in how to execute international expansion in the region,” commented Andrés Sarrazola, co-founder and CEO of Ayenda. He added, “They can help us expand into Peru efficiently.”

Previously compared to the Indian hotel chain OYO, Ayenda is now seeking to build its network across Latin America. The company already has relationships with more than 700 travel management companies, offering cost-effective travel deals for customers.

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