Bain & Company acquires Chilean startup Spike SpA


Bain & Company, a business consultancy firm, announced the acquisition of Chilean startup Spike SpA. The acquisition is part of its continued global expansion strategy.

Spike SpA is an analytics startup that provides advanced analytics and machine learning solutions for various industries across Latin America. The acquisition will help Bain & Company to grow their expertise as they continue to offer business consulting to global companies.

“A strong analytical foundation is key to our consulting business, and we have already been working in partnership with Spike to strengthen that team,” said Alfredo Pinto, Office Head for South America at Bain & Co.

Bain plans to launch an Innovation Hub for South America later this year dedicated to building on Spike SpA’s technology. The hub will act as an ideal launching pad for clients’ innovation efforts and connect them to a network of experts and entrepreneurs in the ecosystem to accelerate business growth.

Bain & Company currently operates ten innovation hubs across the globe, including the US, Italy, England, Germany, India, and China. Saõ Paulo, Brazil, is where the new hub will be based.

The acquisition of Spike together with the new Innovation Hub in São Paulo will contribute to Bain & Company’s Vector, “a platform that unites the people, processes, technologies and support services you need to win in the digital age”. Emerging technologies and analytics enhance every decision a company makes, providing them relevant information and competitive advantage. This platform will bring these forces together to influence every project Bain & Company works on with an integrated set of digital tools and capabilities.

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