Betterfly becomes a unicorn. Ualá begins its operations in Colombia, Ep 81


In this week’s Espresso, we cover updates from Betterfly, Ualá, the IFC, and more!

Outline of this episode:

  • [00:27] – IFC and We-FI launched a new call for applications for IFC ScaleX
  • [00:53] – Betterfly became the third Chilean unicorn
  • [01:21] – Sooper raised a $5.7M seed funding round
  • [01:51] – Ualá announced it would begin its operations in Colombia
  • [02:18] – Interview with Natalia Ríos, Country Manager of Ualá in Colombia
  • [06:12] – Creditas announced a $260M Series F funding round
  • [06:42] – Inspectorio raised $50 Million in a Series B round
  • [07:16] – Melonn announced a $20M Series C funding round
  • [08:06] – Featured article “The low hanging fruit of Mexico’s financial system” 
  • [08:25] – New Crossing Borders episode with Sophia Wood

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