New podcast: LatamList Espresso, Ep 1

We’re excited to announce our new podcast powered by The LatamList Espresso!

Latin America’s entrepreneurs are solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges, yet there is only minimal English language coverage of the region’s booming startup ecosystem. As a result, we’ve brought together all the tech news from Latin America in an even more accessible format.

LatamList Espresso is your weekly shot of news on the latest startup, venture capital, and tech news in Latin America. Hosted by Josefina Dominguez Iino, Editor at LatamList, this podcast summarizes the biggest headlines of the week with additional insights from founders, investors, and other key players in Latin America.

You can now find The LatamList Espresso on our new Podcast section!

Show notes

This week, the Mexican senate proposed a new bill concerning three regulating bodies and we saw the launch of a Mexican startup.

Produced by Angel Andraca.

Outline of this Episode:

  • [0:26] – Senator Monreal’s bill proposal
  • [1:12] – Delivery platforms in Argentina under fire
  • [2:01] – Investments of this week
  • [2:45] – SME funding during COVID-19 pandemic
  • [3:37] – launch in Mexico
  • [3:52] – How-to guides

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