Worky, VOLL, & ePesos Receive Funding. Q&A with Oscar Robles, Ep 3

In this week’s Espresso, VOLL, Worky, and ePesos close investment rounds. Brazil’s Central Bank suspends WhatsApp payments a week after launching. Oscar Robles, CEO of ePesos, appears on the podcast to talk about the problems fintech startup ePesos is solving in Mexico.

Outline of this Episode:

  • [0:25] – Investments: VOLL & Worky
  • [1:15] – Oscar Robles: ePesos debt financing
  • [3:55] – Update: WhatsApp payments in Brazil
  • [4:22] – PedidosYa online supermarket
  • [4:44] – dLocal combats online fraud
  • [5:04] – WEF’s 2020 Technology Pioneers
  • [5:23] – IDB’s WeXchange podcast

Resources & people mentioned:

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