Bicycle Capital announces the launch of a $500M fund, Ep 138

In this week’s Espresso, we cover investment updates from VIOO, SCAPE, Fivvy, Ceibo, Asaas, and Motrix. Plus, we talk about the new funds launched by QED Investors and Bicycle Capital.


  • [00:28] – Bicycle Capital announced the launch of a $500M fund.
  • [00:42] – VIOO raised a $1M Seed round.
  • [00:58] – SCAPE raised $1.3M in an over-subscribed round.
  • [01:12] – Fivvy raised a $4M round from Global Ventures.
  • [01:23] – QED Investors raised nearly $1B for two new funds.
  • [01:37] – Ceibo announced a $30M Series B funding.
  • [01:51] – Asaas secured an additional $20.9M in funding.
  • [02:08] – Motrix received a contribution of $2.9M.
  • [02:22] – Crossing Borders – Luis Rubén Chávez: Helping Mexicans build their financial health


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