Bloxs Investimentos raises $683K from DOMO Invest

LatAm ListDOMO Invest, one of the leading VC firms in Brazil, invested $683K (R$3M) in Bloxs Investimentos, a Brazilian crowdfunding platform.

Bloxs Investimentos is an alternative investment platform that allows individuals to invest in different industries, such as real estate, solar panels, agribusinesses, and much more. The startup is working to democratize access to high-quality investments across Brazil by providing affordable rates with returns of 15% to 20%.

Bloxs Investimentos is 100% digital. Customers can set up their account and invest online, as well as manage their investments and monitor progress.

“Having DOMO Invest as a partner reinforces our work to democratize the access of companies and projects to the Capital Market and common investors to direct opportunities in alternative investments,” said Felipe Souto, CEO of Bloxs Investimentos.

With the DOMO investment, the startup aims to grow up to 10 times bigger over the next three years. 

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