Brazilian startup Quero Education invests $5M in Melhor Escola

LatAm List – A Brazilian online education network Quero Education invested $5M in Melhor Escola, a company with information on more than 19,000 schools across the country, in order to grow its scholarship program Quero Bolsa.

Quero Education is an online platform that connects students with other institutions across Brazil and also advertises scholarships offered by these schools. With the help of Melhor Escola, Quero Education will add 3,000 schools and 12,000 elementary, middle and high school courses to the scholarship program.

“The goal is to make Melhor Escola grow 50 times over the next four years”, said Roger Garcia, Director of New Business Technology at Quero Education. He added, “By investing in Melhor Escola, Quero Education is taking a step towards attracting more students to our platform.”

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