Brazil’s Nubank acquires US software firm Cognitect, creator of Clojure and Datomic

LatamList – Nubank, a Brazilian fintech and unicorn, recently acquired US software firm Cognitect,  known for creating two programming systems: Clojure and Datomic. Nubank and Cognitect have been partnering since 2014, when the digital bank was developing its first product.

With this acquisition, the neobank expects to strengthen its software engineering team which will play a fundamental role in the growth and scalability of its products and overall business.

“By joining forces and combining Cognitect’s technical experience with Nubank’s scale and reach, there is no doubt we will be able to free even more people from the complexity of financial services across Latin America,” said David Veléz, founder and CEO of Nubank.

This is Nubank’s second acquisition, having acquihired the Brazilian consulting firm Plataformatec earlier this year.

“From their start in 2013, Nubank has grown to 600 Clojure developers, running 2.5 million lines of Clojure code in 500 microservices on over 2000 Datomic servers. Cognitect has been there every step of the way, helping Nubank’s developers translate Clojure’s ideas into business agility,” founders Stuart Halloway, Justin Gehtland, and Rich Hickey wrote in a company blog post.

With over 25 million customers in Latin America, Nubank is the world’s largest independent digital bank and recently became the world’s first and only company with a female founder (Cristina Junqueira) to reach a valuation +$10B. 

Nubank currently has offices in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Germany.

Read more on this press release.

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