Cencosud wants to compete for last-mile delivery in Chile

LatAm List – With the news about Walmart’s acquisition of last-mile delivery app, Cornershop, the battle to deliver Chile’s food and groceries has gotten even hotter. Cencosud, which manages one of Chile’s largest grocery chains, Jumbo, recently announced that they would compete alongside Cornershop and Rappi by improving their app and delivery service.

The chain claims to deliver groceries within 45-90 minutes to any of 17 neighborhoods in Chile’s Metropolitan region (Santiago and its outskirts). They plan to expand the service to the region of Valparaiso and the city of Concepción by 2019.

Currently, Jumbo is one of the options available on the Cornershop app, which continues to operate independently after the acquisition. This situation opens questions about whether Jumbo will continue the partnership with the app as they improve their own delivery service.

“…this is a way to provide a holistic value proposition for our clients where our focus is on delivering the best variety, quality, and service. Jumbo Ahora is a service that complements all the other programs we have developed over the past few years,” said Hans Hanckes, E-Commerce Manager for Cencosud.


Read more in La Tercera.

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