Chilean startup Examedi raises $17M to improve LatAm’s relationship with healthcare


The Chilean startup Examedi announced it closed a $17M Series A round led by General Catalyst. This funding comes after a $3.5M seed round that the company closed after being part of the summer 2021 Y Combinator cohort.

Examedi was born in May 2021 to provide simple and affordable at-home health services. The startup combines digital healthcare with logistics typically used by food delivery apps. Through an online platform, it connects patients with nurses and partners with labs that process patient samples. 

In Latin America, patients are responsible for 30% of healthcare bills, including the costs of tests. Examedi makes taking tests, receiving vaccines and more an easy process. Patients no longer need to wait in lines at health centers because nurses provide these services directly at their homes. Also, it is more cost-effective: Examedi is up to 80% cheaper than the competition.

This business model helps people who struggle to follow through with routine diagnostics, and it is also improving their relationship with healthcare: 

“At Examedi, our ultimate goal is to become a healthcare partner of every single Latin American family, driving healthcare innovation from Chile to the world. We’re excited to have General Catalyst as our lead investor, as our missions around prioritizing quality, affordable, at-home healthcare are in total alignment,” says co-founder and CEO Ian Lee.

With this new funding, the company will focus on product development and on geographical expansion. Examedi is looking forward to expand to many new cities within Latin America, and to announce partnerships over the coming year. 

Read more on Examedi’s website

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