Chilean startup Rocketpin receives investment from Alaya Capital Partners

Rocketpin is a Chilean app that helps large companies crowdsource information for research projects. The app sends regular people on small “missions” to collect information for market research or other corporate reports. In return, these people receive small gifts such as petty cash, airline miles, and phone top-ups from the companies that ask for information.

Last year, Rocketpin tripled the number of campaigns run through the platform, reaching 200 companies and 20,000 active “agents” on the ground. After receiving an undisclosed investment from Alaya Capital Partners, Rocketpin has recently expanded into Argentina and has its sights on Peru.

Both Alaya and Rocketpin felt that the investment was a perfect fit. Ximena Henríquez, Alaya’s Chile Operations Manager, commented:

“The platform efficiently meets the requirements of large companies that previously needed to invest a lot of resources to find that information, and even then they didn’t always achieve the necessary standards. Rocketpin does this with agility, thanks to the founders who have had the vision and capacity to react rapidly to changes in the market and take advantage of new opportunities.”

Rocketpin previously received investment from Wayra Chile and was the only Latin American finalist in the Global Mobile Challenge in Barcelona last year.

Read more on PulsoSocial or LAVCA.

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