Choosing the Right Partners for your Startup

In this episode of Entrepreneurship in Latam 101, we invite three STEM entrepreneurs to talk about how to choose the right partner for your startup. The bond generated between partners is key because it is the relationship that can define many of the decisions made in a company.

In entrepreneurship, it is normal to encounter obstacles and problems that are difficult to overcome on your own. Working with a partner to overcome difficulties is fundamental, but many times doubts arise regarding how to choose a suitable partner or how to build a relationship with them. It is important that both complement each other with their respective strengths and weaknesses, but a common issue is how to find partners that are on the same wavelength as you. These questions and many more are answered by our guests in this edition of the podcast.

Our guests are:

  • Andrea Baba: co-founder and CEO of Fitco, a software solution for fitness centers focused on driving growth, streamlining operations and processes, as well as creating an engaged community that promotes customer retention.
  • Amparo Nalvarte: co-founder and CEO of B89, a fintech that provides transparent, fair, and secure financial services through 100% digital experiences. B89 offers a solution that connects with the life priorities and topics of interest of customers to focus on their well-being.
  • Caterine Castillo: co-founder and CEO of Neivor, a mobile-centric platform that helps building managers handle their resident-related tasks through a single app. On the other hand, it allows residents to make payments and keep up to date with everything happening in their residential communities.

Outline of this episode:

  • [00:42] – Introduction to the episode
  • [01:40] – Introduction to the guests
  • [06:00] – How did they meet their partners?
  • [11:24] – The importance of complementing your partners
  • [17:52] – Bringing the right people to your team
  • [24:02] – The role of Mentors
  • [29:21] – Lessons learned
  • [36:47] – Final recommendations

People and resources mentioned:

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