Elizabeth Acuña, Angel Ventures: Women STEMpreneurs Competition 2020, Ep 11

In this episode of the WeXchange podcast, we invited Elizabeth Acuña, Associate at Angel Ventures, a regional venture capital firm, to talk about the WeXchange Pitch Competition. In addition to managing the competition for several years, Elizabeth is a mentor for Peruvian accelerators and leads the Women Empowerment initiative.

The IDB Lab in collaboration with Angel Ventures organizes the annual WeXchange competition that connects the most innovative and dynamic STEMpreneurs of Latin America and the Caribbean with potential investors. 

Listen to this episode of the WeXchange podcast to find out everything you need to know about the Women STEMpreneur Competition 2020. 

Outline of this episode:

  • [0:35] – Introduction
  • [1:20] – About the WeXchange Pitch Competition
  • [2:12] – Competition requirements
  • [3:02] – Industry and category diversity 
  • [5:08] – Jury’s criteria
  • [6:20] – Selection process
  • [7:36] – Special prizes
  • [9:06] – Registration deadline
  • [9:32] – FAQs

Resources & people mentioned:

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