Colegium acquires edtech Pencil

LatamListColegium, a Chilean edtech, acquired Pencil, a Colombian startup for kindergarten and preschool education. The acquisition will allow Colegium to offer increased services to parents and teachers of preschool and kindergarten-aged children.

Colegium is a leading school management and pedagogical development company that aims to improve the overall management of schools through its smart solutions. The startup is active in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Uruguay.

Colegium is looking to strengthen the communication between parents and educational institutions during the era of increased digital learning. The startup’s new app is specifically designed with this goal in mind; both parents and teachers can now actively mointor a child’s learning and progress.

The app provides teachers with digital resources for sending reports to parents, holding online classes, and organizing learning activities. Parents can also monitor their child’s progress and activities.

“The acquisition of Pencil will help us to continue to grow, and it is likely that it will also allow us to acquire more edtech startups, thus increasing our range of products and services. The pandemic is only the start of significant changes that we will start to see in the world of education,” said Ariel Gringaus, CEO of Colegium.

Colegium has seen considerable growth throughout 2020 as a result of the increased demand for remote learning solutions. The platform now has around 1,200 digital activities for children. 

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