Colombian real estate startup, Habi, raises $5.5M in pre-seed round

LatAm List Habi, a Colombian real estate startup, recently raised $5.5M in a pre-seed round from lead investor Tiger Global Management, with additional support from Homebrew and Zigg, Reshape Holdings, FJ Labs, and Supernode Ventures.

Habi aims to accelerate the process of buying and selling real estate in the complex Latin American market, using a pricing algorithm and scalable processes to reduce sales time from more than 14 months to approximately two weeks. The startup offers to purchase users’ houses within 10 days of listing using artificial intelligence to calculate the sales price rapidly, increasing liquidity in the housing market.

Habi co-founder Brynne McNulty Rojas explains:“By combining advanced analytical tools with human insight, we help our clients buy, improve and sell homes quickly and efficiently, giving them transparent access to information”.

The funding will allow Habi to expand into three key neighbourhoods in the north of Bogotá, and beyond Colombia into other Latin American markets.

“We plan to use this investment to build and scale a single solution for current and future residential owners at every stage of the homeownership process in Colombia and throughout Latin America,” comments Rojas.

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