Colombian startup closes $15M Series A round

Daniel Martinez (CPO), Sebastián Valencia (CEO) and Felipe Otálora (President)

The Colombian startup closed a $15M Series A funding round led by Tiger Global. Other participants in the round were Twilio Ventures, FundersClub, and the angel investor Gokul Rajaram. is a customer service tool that allows companies to connect and chat with their users via WhatsApp without hiring a call center. The startup’s platform allows companies to increase sales, follow up on their leads, serve customers faster, and provide users with personalized and relevant content. Some of’s clients are Rappi, Olist, and Addi.

Between 2021 and 2022, the startup increased 16 times its volume and 12 times its turnover. operates in a market where 5% of the 36 trillion messages sent every year through WhatsApp are business messages. This translates into a $60B annual addressable revenue.

The startup, born in 2019, currently serves over 260 companies and automates more than 70 million conversations on WhatsApp through Artificial Intelligence. Felipe Otalora, the startup’s President, shared what this Series A round means for the company:

“These resources will allow us to continue investing mainly in our product, increasing the number of integrations with other sales and customer service software, and reach more than 10,000 customers on all continents in the next three years. To keep expanding, we will strengthen our executive team by attracting global talent, as has recently happened with the recruitment of Darragh Geoghegan as VP of Sales and Matteo Cera as COO.”

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