Colombian startup Vozy brings neuronal text-to-speech services to the Mexican market

LatAm ListVozy, the first virtual communications company to use neuronal text-to speech  technology (TTS) to generate conversations with clients in their own regional dialect, launches into Mexico.

Through neural TTS, Vozy is able to teach Lili, the virtual assistant, to both understand and speak different regional dialects within a matter of hours. Vozy is available in more than eight different Spanish accents from across Latin America. 

Humberto Pertuz, founder and CEO of Vozy, explains:“We founded Vozy  because we realized that companies spend a lot of time on calls, taking away time they could have spent on other important processes. This prompted us to develop a suitable platform for intelligent communication that will work from anywhere in the world.” 

Vozy is designed to provide customer service support for both inbound and outbound calls, helping companies communicate with their clients in a more efficient and personalized way than previous call center communications systems.

“The difference in Vozy’s service is the ability to talk with customers autonomously and understand their comments or complaints so you can respond quickly, as well as knowing when to forward the call with a human agent to address a more complex issue,” comments Juliana Corcho, Marketing Director at Vozy.

Vozy has applications in the finance, health care, and insurance industries, among others, where it can provide customer service support through its virtual assistant, Lili. Current customers include Scotiabank, Grant Thorton International, and Alkilautos, demonstrating how virtual communications technology is having a noticeable positive impact on companies across all industries.

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