Comun secures $4.5M in a funding round led by Costanoa Ventures

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Comun raised $4.5M in a recent funding round led by Costanoa Ventures. Other participating investors included South Park Commons and FJ Labs.

Comun is a digital bank that focuses on providing accessible financial services to the Latino community in the United States by offering services in Spanish, which eliminates the language barrier for Latino families. 

Comun will use the funding to build a financial center with expanded resources and solutions, specifically catering to the needs of Latino immigrants in the US.

“We created Comun to make it easier for you to prosper as an immigrant family in the US. Our goal is to empower families to succeed financially and, in the US, with a financial partner they can trust and understand.” Said Andrés Santos, Co-founder and CEO of Comun.

Comun has grown by 20% since its launch in September 2022. Every week, its clients transfer an average of $100,000.

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