Crayhill Capital Management invests $100M in Mutuo Financiera

LatAm ListMutuo Financiera, a Mexican vehicle fleet leasing company that promotes the use of clean energy sources, recently announced a $100M credit facility provided by Crayhill Capital Management, a New York-based alternative asset management firm. 

The credit facility will be used to acquire new compressed natural gas vehicles, as the Mexican transport market transitions into cleaner fuels. 

“Mutuo’s edge in the Mexican market comes from its ability to construct use-based payment leases that fit the operating profiles of fleet operators and its digitally enabled customer service platform,” said Antonio Diego González-Karg, Chief Executive Officer of Mutuo. “We are excited about this new partnership with Crayhill which will allow us to continue achieving our goals of delivering and scaling a better automated fleet management solution and customized leasing products for the benefit of our customers.”

Mutuo seeks to expand throughout Mexico helping the country transition to more efficient sources of energy, better urban mobility, and access to remote financial services.

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