DeltaX wins TECLA 2023 award for best foreign startup in Chile

DeltaX CEO

DeltaX, a Bolivian transportation-oriented startup, received the TECLA 2023 award in the “Softlanding in Chile” category, recognizing its promising potential to enter the Chilean market.

“This recognition motivates us to accelerate our expansion in Chile and connect with thousands of carriers throughout the country,” said Luis Fernando Ortiz, DeltaX’s CEO.

To receive this award, DeltaX met specific criteria, including achieving sales growth rates exceeding 20% compared to the previous year, maintaining full-time leadership, and implementing scalable business models aimed at securing financing and establishing a presence in the Chilean market.

Caja los Andes, a Chilean non-profit organization focused on social security and technology, in collaboration with Endeavor Chile, an international organization that supports entrepreneurs worldwide are TECLA Award’s main sponsors.

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