Di Caprio and Branson family invest in water security startup Waterplan


The water security startup Waterplan raised a $7M seed round. Some of the most prominent investors were Leonardo Di Caprio, the Branson family, and basketball superstar Emanuel Ginóbili. 

The Argentinian startup was created in 2020, and it uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze climate data models and water data, improving the water security of organizations. Last year, the startup participated in YCombinator’s summer cohort. 

The startup’s platform predicts water supply disruptions caused by factors such as climate change. This allows companies to anticipate and solve beforehand costly operational impediments and environmental problems. Some of Waterplan’s clients are Coca-Cola, Colgate, and McCain Foods. 

José Ignacio Galindo, CEO of Waterplan, explained the following: 

“In the past, companies have taken a reactive approach to water-related problems, often incurring large financial and reputational costs to correct problems after they have occurred.”

The seed round was led by Transition Global and Giant Ventures, and the high-profile investors mentioned before were attracted to Waterplan’s mission to encourage water conservation and security.

“Water-related catastrophes remain one of the main consequences of the current climate crisis. Having a platform that helps predict and take action to prevent these events can be an invaluable tool in the fight. I am delighted to support the innovative work being done at Waterplan,” shared Leonardo Di Caprio.

This $7M seed round will help Waterplan grow its team, and improve its product and customer experience. 

In its pre-seed round, some of the investors that participated were investor and entrepreneur Tom Blomfield, Mixpanel founder Tim Trefren, NFL legend Joe Montana, venture capital firm Newtopia, L2 Ventures, and green-focused funds Climate Capital, Jetstream and MCJ Collective.

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