dLocal partners with Dinie for SME lending

LatamListdLocal announced a partnership with Dinie, an embedded lending platform, to bring installment payments to Brazilian SMEs. The new partnership with Dinie will allow global merchants to offer installment payments to their customers in Brazil as a form of SME lending.

dLocal is a 360 cross-border payments platform that connects global merchants to emerging markets. Dinie Paylater offers customers the option to pay in three-to-nine month installments for purchases while ensuring immediate payment to the merchant with no risk of credit exposure. Customers do not require a credit card for the payments and can instead use their Dinie credit account.

“At dLocal, we are innovators at heart and our goal is to bridge the payments innovation gap between developed countries and emerging economies, and Dinie shares that ambition with us,” said Rodrigo Sanchez Prandi, VP Product at dLocal.

According to dLocal data, 54% of e-commerce customers used an installment plan offered by merchants in 2020. dLocal will integrate the Dinie Pay software into their payments platform so that merchants can use the system through the dLocal portal. The option for monthly payment installments will appear at the checkout.

“Through one single integration to dLocal, Dinie will be able to connect to the world’s largest digital merchants and access millions of SME customers. Dinie will enable these customers to easily purchase online, make investments in technology and digital marketing, whilst ensuring their cash flow isn’t so heavily impacted since they have an opportunity to match their investment with the revenue they generate later,” said Suzy Ferreira, CEO and Founder of Dinie.

The partnership will also facilitate Dinie’s growth in the Brazilian market.

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