E.Bricks Ventures invests in bro. and Avenue

LatAm Liste.Bricks Ventures, a Brazilian VC firm, announced two new investments in Avenue, an investment broker, and bro. a consumer financing platform, as part of its third fund.

Avenue aims to allow Latin Americans to gain access to the US financial system by providing them with investment alternatives and digital accounts in the US. Through the online platform, clients can manage their investments with the help of the online team.

“Through its credibility in the financial environment and its boldness to back pioneer projects that focus on changing consolidated markets, e.Bricks contributes to our journey to build a creative, responsible, and globally competitive company,” commented Robert Lee, founder of Avenue.

Bro. is an independent “Consorcio” platform, where customers can pay monthly installments for the purchase of expensive goods in Brazil. Bro. focuses on the sale of vehicles. It is the first platform of its kind that is 100% digital, and the startup aims to serve the large number of Brazilians who have limited access to credit by providing an alternative purchase system.

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