E-commerce platform Doji raises $3M from Canary

Doji, a UK-based startup, raised a $3M seed round led by Latin America’s CV firm Canary. Norte Ventures, 1289 Capital, and various angel investors from the e-commerce sector also participated in the round.

Doji is a used goods marketplace that uses machine learning to increase e-commerce efficiency. By re-selling pre-used goods, the platform is also actively reducing the environmental impact of consumerism. 

The platform is predominantly focused on the used tech market, specifically used mobile phones. Doji enables customers to sell their used tech, once verified by the platform, quickly and at a fair price.

With real-time data, buyers are able to make the best purchasing decisions for both the economic and environmental costs. 

“At Doji, we are committed to transforming e-commerce and enabling the buyer, the seller, and the planet alike, to prosper,” said Fernando Montera, CEO of Doji.

The three co-founders come from a background in e-commerce. Montera sold his first business to Mercado Libre, while Bilal Khan and Satyen Fakey both gained experience in the UK working with Goldman Sachs and Trimcraft.

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