EdTech Talanta launches cross-border remote internship program


EdTech Talanta announces the commencement of the Global Apprenticeship Program, a cross-border remote internship program that includes a curriculum developed and delivered by MIT Open Learning. Talanta is an education technology platform that trains and connects some of the best global talent with top jobs worldwide.

Most of the world’s leading companies have always focused their recruitment on the US and Europe, which represents only 14% of the world’s population. This leaves 86% of the world’s brightest and best talent constantly being overlooked.

“The idea that a talented kid in Colombia or any other developing country can have the chance to access top job opportunities across the globe is a dream we’re turning into a reality.” – David Lloyd, CEO & Co-Founder.

Talanta recently produced a white paper in collaboration with MIT Open Learning as well – The competition for emerging talent is changing, who will win – that highlighted the importance of specific human skills training for successful apprenticeship experiences.

The obstacle for increasing the diversity of emerging talent programs is more than just finding the participants. Opportunities are not equally distributed and companies that think beyond recruitment and consider onboarding, management and retention of these hires will succeed in developing truly successful and diverse teams.

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