Eli G. Bueno, the chatbot keeping Colombians informed about the elections

Misinformation and confusion are often part of any presidential election. In Colombia, many citizens struggle to keep up with the debates, public statements, and social media feeds of the candidates, with at least five people vying for the Colombian presidency.

Enter the tech consulting company, L’avenir, that wants to make that information much more accessible to the average Colombian. They developed a chatbot, called Eli G. Bueno, that is connected to Twitter and Facebook and can be contacted to answer questions about any of the candidates.

Eli G. Bueno uses artificial intelligence to find information from reliable sources, such as candidate’s websites and social media pages, and respond to questions immediately. For Colombians that want clarity on a candidate’s perspective, this chatbot may be one of the more efficient solutions.

Said the CTO of L’avenir, Mario Pedraza, in the original article for PulsoSocial:

“These tools are important because they provide consolidated information through a character who, through artificial intelligence, can answer all questions related to the elections, using credible sources.”

Eli G. Bueno is considered a step toward the development of a strong on-demand economy in Colombia.

Read more about Eli G. Bueno in the original article for PulsoSocial.

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