Eqseed raises US$637K through its own platform

LatAm ListEqseed, a Brazilian Angellist, raised Brazil’s largest equity crowdfunding platform in just 27 hours this week – to fund their own platform. The startup raised R$2.5M (US$637K) from over 160 investors to support the growth of their platform, which connects angel investors and high-impact companies.

Since it was founded in 2015, Eqseed has been a market leader in equity crowdfunding, raising over R$16M (US$4.1M) through the platform across 22 rounds. It has registered rapid growth throughout 2018, becoming the first crowdfunding platform to be approved by the Brazilian Securities Commission. Just this year, over R$12M were invested via Eqseed.

“Our  round proved the true power of this model  in terms of the speed of investments and, at the same time, how Brazilian capital markets will be in the future. In a few years,  investing onlineand  in a  few hours will be routine for the best companies,” said Eqseed’s CEO, Greg Kelly.

The company will use the investment to expand their team, pushing to reach 30 investments over the course of 2019.

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