Erco Energía raises $6M funding round for clean energy

LatamListErco Energía, a Colombian startup, raised a $6M funding round to launch operations in Texas and Panama. FCP Innovación led the round with contributions from InverA&M and private family investors. 

Erco Energía is a renewable energy startup working to make solar energy a viable energy source. The platform offers solar energy to charge electric cars and provides a database for clients to monitor energy consumption.

Erco Energía works with some of Colombia’s largest companies and has launched more than 1,000 solar energy projects. The search for sustainable energy sources is becoming more prevalent in Colombia and businesses are increasingly looking for ways to reduce and manage their energy consumption levels.

“We will be investing in the development of new technologies to accelerate national and international growth. In particular, we are launching in new markets in Texas and Panama,” said Juan Camilo López Llano, CEO of Erco Energía.

Erco Energía aims to increase revenue by 120% this year and become the leading sustainable ‘energy tech’ in the region. 

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