Facebook launches new Dating feature in Colombia

LatAm List – In a story brought to our attention by TechCrunch, Facebook will launch an online dating feature to help people find romantic matches through the mobile app. The initiative will initially only launch in Colombia as a test market, where there are over 30 million active monthly Facebook users.

Online dating is well-accepted in Latin America, perhaps more than in the US, and Colombia has just a few distinct metropolitan areas for Facebook to track. The app looks to compete with platforms like eHarmony and Match.com to provide long-term, meaningful relationships, rather than quick hookups like Tinder.

Dating will function from within the Facebook app, but requires you to opt in rather than be automatically subscribed. However, your Dating profile is private and separate from your public profile so that people can keep some personal information secret. This new platform will allow Facebook to leverage the data it already has on you, as well as collecting new, deeper personal data on your interests and preferences.


Read more about this new launch in TechCrunch.

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