Fanatiz streaming platform signs deal with LaLiga North America

Fanatiz, a streaming platform, announced a new partnership with LaLiga North America. The streaming service will now be available on-demand throughout the US and Canada.

Fanatiz is an online streaming platform for Live and VOD sports events. The platform has so far raised $17M across two rounds from investors such as 777 Partners.

Matias Rivera founded Fanatiz with the aim of bringing the sport to ex-pats in Latin America, another of his hugely successful problem-solving ventures. The platform was selected as the official global distribution partner for the Brazilian football league, the Brasileirão.

Find out more about Matias’s journey in this Crossing Borders podcast with Nathan Lustig.

The new partnership with Spain’s LaLiga will enable Fanatiz to offer its streaming and sweepstake features to football fans across North America.

“Through this exclusive sponsorship with one of the most iconic leagues in the world of soccer, Fanatiz will offer fans more than what happens on the field, with exclusive content and storytelling that will give fans a deeper connection to the league, clubs and players” said Matias Rivera, founder and CEO of Fanatiz.

LaLiga will integrate Fanatiz into its platform, offering unique content including pre-match shows, magazines, and match analysis features. 

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