FitCoMoves launches in Peru

LatamListFitCoMoves, an online fitness platform aimed at women, launched in Peru. The fitness platform offers more than 250 online fitness classes as well as general well-being advice.

“If we have learned anything from 2020 it’s that our health is a priority,” said Andrea Baba, CEO of FitCoMoves. “Lots of people have said that this year doesn’t count, as if it didn’t even happen, but if we think about it, we have spent the last months making our health a priority over everything else.”

The platform focuses on overall well-being and physical health, stating that health is as much about mindset as anything else. For this reason, the platform also offers advice on healthy eating, mindfulness practices, and mental health support. The online classes range from dance to strength and HIIT training.

“Exercise has been, without doubt, one of the main things that have kept us all going throughout this difficult time,” said María Laura Langschwager, Commercial Manager At FitCoMoves.

Read more on La República.

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