Foodtech Frizata launches frozen food service in Chile

LatamListFrizata, an Argentine foodtech, launched its frozen flexitarian meals delivery platform into Santiago de Chile. The launch is the first city outside of Argentina. 

Frizata is a frozen food delivery platform that produces, sells, and delivers healthier frozen meal alternatives directly to customers’ doors. Adolfo Rouillon and José Robledo founded Frizata with the intention to make daily food choices easier, healthier, and simpler.

The startup currently operates in five cities across Argentina, offering customers a wide choice of meal options including vegan alternatives. Frizata will be one of the few food delivery services to offer such a wide range of meat-free food options in Chile.

“We want to disrupt the frozen food market and provide unique meals and a great customer experience,” said Rouillon. “We aim to transform the food industry, which has remained unchanged for the last 50 years, and provide people with meals they want to eat, rather than what the supermarkets want to sell.”

Frizata is also taking on 50 new employees to develop its customer experience, data analytics, technology, and food manufacturing. The startup is also looking to launch in North America by the end of 2021.

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