Google Brazil announces completion of underwater cables to improve data services in Latin America

During a Google for Brazil event, Google Brazil president, Fabio Coelho, announced the completion of the underwater fiber optic cable from Boca Raton, Florida, to Fortaleza and Praia Grande, Brazil. The cable, called MONET, is over 10,500 kilometers long and was built by a partnership between Algar Telecom, Angola Cables and Antel. The six cables have the capacity to deliver up to 64 terabytes of data per second.

MONET will soon be joined by two other cables, TANNAT and JR, which will extend MONET to reach Maldonado, Uruguay and serve the rest of the Southern Cone. TANNAT will stretch over 2,000 kilometers and has a capacity of 90 terabytes per second. JUNIOR, which will be solely operated by Google, will connect Praia Grande and Rio de Janeiro to improve data transfer between Brazil’s two most populous states.

The repeaters for these improved cables were designed by a Brazilian company, PadTec, Campinas, which became the first Brazilian company in the international submarine cable industry after an investment from Google.

Said Fabio Coelho in the original article for Startupi:

“A robust network infrastructure is essential to unleash the potential of the Internet in Latin America, generating opportunities for economic, social and cultural development. These three cables will help meet this demand by expanding the region’s digital infrastructure, making data transmission more efficient, faster and safer.”

Read more in the original article for Startupi.

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