Google launches public wifi hotspots in Mexico

Google’s Station Wifi program is making its Latin American debut in Mexico. Now available in more than 60 ‘high-traffic’ areas across 44 Mexican cities, Google is working to make internet more accessible in one of Latin America’s largest countries.

Mexico has the third-highest internet penetration in all of Latin America, but cellular data is not necessarily as accessible as in other parts of the region. Only 90.3% of Mexicans have access to a mobile broadband connection, one of the lowest in Latin America.

Google partnered with local internet provider Sitwifi to convert the existing hotspots for that network into Station hotspots.

Google Station Wifi launched in India and Indonesia in 2016, making Mexico its third location, and its first in Latin America. Google seeks to improve internet penetration and increase the number of users in Mexico that can access Google products, such as YouTube and Google Play.

Since Mexico still lags far behind the OECD in internet access, it became a strategic location for Google’s Latin America launch.

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