Holberton School inaugurates its Medellín campus in partnership with PSL Corp

LatAm ListHolberton School is a coding school of Software Engineering that is backed by top Silicon Valley investors. The academy already has campuses in San Francisco, New Haven, Bogotá, and on July 10th held the inaugural event for its Medellín campus in the auditorium of the Museum of Modern Art. 

PSL Corp, a leading nearshore software development firm in Colombia, partnered with Holberton in this new venture: to put Colombia on the map as a leader in software engineering by positively impacting its communities and students. 

“We are thrilled to see the Holberton School of Engineering welcome its first cohort of students for the Medellin School today. The Medellin tech ecosystem and PSL have thrived and grown significantly in the last few years. However, we still need more skilled developers to continue to fuel that growth. The new school will help accomplish this. Furthermore, by allowing students to delay paying their tuition until they have secured their first job, Holberton makes an engineering education available to everybody, helping to transform the lives of many, not just a select few,” said Jorge Aramburo, CEO of PSL, at the inaugural event.

Lumni Impact Fund, Colombian startup Rappi, and Torre business group are also financing the students’ training with $220K (COP$690M). Other investors include, Comfama, Socialatom Ventures, and Coderise.

Holberton uses a project-based methodology and peer-to-peer learning to train its students in software development in a two-year intensive program.

Nowadays, Medellín hosts the center for the fourth industrial revolution and the cluster of digital businesses, so we set ourselves to train professionals capable of competing with any other city in the world referent in terms of technology. We believe in the potential of Colombian talent and the ability of these type of programs to boost the development of the country,” said Hernando Barreto, director of Holberton School in Colombia.

The academy opens its registrations for the term starting in September in all its offices in Colombia.

Read more on ACI Medellin or on this LinkedIn post.

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