How to raise capital in Latin America

In this episode of Entrepreneurship in Latam 101, we invited two STEM entrepreneurs and an investor to discuss how to raise capital for a startup. In recent years, access to capital in Latin America has changed dramatically. Today, more capital is available than ever before, investors are taking more risks, and new players are coming to the region.

However, attracting investment is critical for a company to consolidate its position and grow, but it is often a process in which there are more doubts than certainties. In this edition, we talk to our guests to hear their perspectives on raising capital. They share with us how to get investors, how to identify when you need to raise capital, how to prepare for an investment round, and much more.

Our guests are:

  • Karen Serfaty: co-founder and CEO of Palabra, an app toolkit that B2B SaaS teams use to increase revenue. The startup helps product teams know what users are doing in their apps, when they get stuck, and gives them insights to help answer questions they might have.
  • Maricarmen Herrerias: COO and co-founder of Casai, an a16z-backed startup that is revolutionizing hospitality with its expertly selected apartments. The company offers first-class amenities to travelers from all over Latin America, and the product is specially designed for the so-called nomad generation: they combine design and comfort with technology. 
  • Antonia Rojas: partner at ALLVP, a venture capital fund based in Mexico. ALLVP invests in early-stage companies, especially in technology startups in four different sectors: fintech, human development, and the future of commerce and smart cities. Joining ALLVP in 2020, Antonia was the youngest woman in Latin America to become a venture capital partner.

Outline of this episode:

  • [00:37]-Introduction to the episode
  • [01:28]-Introduction to the three guests
  • [06:39]-When is the right time to raise capital?
  • [13:47]-How can I get investors?
  • [18:40]-What are investors looking for?
  • [22:00]-The importance of a good deck
  • [27:15]-The process of raising capital
  • [34:46]-The right time
  • [37:59]-How to maintain a relationship with investors.
  • [43:16]-Final recommendations

People and resources mentioned:

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