Huawei and Alibaba join Amazon in potentially installing regional data centers in Chile

LatAm List – Two iconic Chinese tech companies, Huawei and Alibaba, join Amazon in considering Chile as a potential location for installing a data center for Latin America.

Huawei’s Chilean office is reportedly trying to convince its corporate headquarters in Shenzhen to invest in Chile in the form of a data center focused mainly on cloud computing services. However, there are other candidates in mind besides Chile, including Brazil and Argentina. The final decision will be made in the second trimester of 2019.

InvestChile, a government-backed investment body, is supporting the idea of developing the project in Chile and has met with the company on several occasions.

“Huawei already has a strong presence in Chile, since it’s a very attractive market for them. At InvestChile we are in constant contact with them for the development of future projects,” says Cristián Rodriguez, InvestChile’s director.

Rodriguez has also met up with Alibaba’s Vice President, Liu Song, in China where they discussed the advantages of installing data centers in Chile. The e-commerce giant has 19 centers across the world, none of which are in Latin America.

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