Huawei to invest $50M in Latin America

LatAm List – Chinese tech giant Huawei will invest $50M in Latin America to develop its App Gallery ecosystem. Huawei seeks to strengthen its developer ecosystem by focusing its 20M developers on developing local apps in the region.

“$1B are being directed to this acceleration plan, of which $50M are being allocated to Latin America and will arrive in 2020 in the region, only for developers. The first step will be to build the digiex lab that aims to offer the infrastructure for people to attend courses, develop, and grow,” said Carlos Morales, Huawei Mexico’s PR Manager.

The company will launch eight labs worldwide, one of which will be in Mexico.

“It’s one of eight that will be launched outside of China focusing on developers. There’s already one in United Arab Emirates, and the other will be in Mexico because it’s one of the most important countries for the brand. In fact, I would go as far to say that it’s in the company’s top five, and that’s why we’re paying attention to the country,” commented Morales.

Huawei’s recent blacklisting in the US and suspension of Google’s support, resulted in the company losing access to Google’s Play Store and Android updates. These circumstances explain the company’s focus on investing in app developers.

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