iFood launches electric bike project with Tembici

LatamListiFood announced the launch of a new electric bike project in partnership with Tembici, a mobility startup. 

The iFood Pedal is exclusively for delivery partners based around three pillars; the use of Tembici’s electric bicycles, a Support Point (courier rest stop), and Pedsa Responsa, an online training and awareness course.

Tembici’s e-bikes have a speed of up to 25km/h (15.5 mph) and a battery range of 60km (37 miles). Users will be able to collect and return the bikes from the iFood Pedal Support Point, where they will also be provided with masks, alcohol gel, a helmet, and a bag. The space also provides additional facilities such as a dining area and bathroom facilities.

The online course, Pesda Responsa is developed by the Aromeiazero Institute, a non-profit organization that uses the bicycle to reduce social inequalities and contribute to making cities more sustainable and resilient. The course aims to address aspects such as care of the e-bikes and courier responsibilities.

iFood Pedal launched a pilot in São Paulo. The company aims to grow the project to 500+ bicycles by the end of the year.

“We have long identified the need to develop a project like this. We saw this audience of delivery bikers growing rapidly in our customer base and realized it was necessary to create something that really met their needs. In speaking with iFood, there was a desire to encourage delivery by bicycle. A project with so many potential deliveries has the potential to be a world reference. We’re happy to be a part of that,” said Tomás Martins, CEO and co-founder of Tembici.

iFood couriers can access the iFood Pedal Plan vía their app portal for delivery partners at a weekly cost of $1.76 (R$9.90).

For full details, read more on iFood.

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