Incode launches Incode Health ID to help businesses return to work

LatamListIncode, a biometric identity startup, announced the launch of Incode HealthID, a digital health verification solution designed to help companies establish and enforce COVID-19 preventative measures in the workplace.

Incode provides biometric identity products for the banking, payment, and retail industries. The company is based in San Francisco and also has offices in Mexico City and Europe. Also, Incode Omni is already used by some of the world’s largest banks, financial institutions, governments, and retailers.

Incode Health ID will enable companies to resume business by creating a safe workplace for employees and customers.

“Providing a safe and healthy workplace moving forward will require a fundamental change in the way organizations verify employee health and comply with safety guidelines,” said Ricardo Amper, CEO and founder of Incode.

The platform was created in line with the guidelines and recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Features include;

  • Testing certification
  • Continuous Status Monitoring and Alerting
  • Contactless Status Verification

With the person’s consent, Incode HealthID can track an individual’s compliance with preventive measures, such as temperature checks and personal hygiene. The app also generates a HealthID digital certificate based on the individual’s health status, such as immune, negative, or infected.

“HealthID will also help employees understand how they can do their part to mitigate the risk of contagion when they adhere to safety standards. It’s the only way to give employees peace of mind to return to work,” continued Amper.

Read more in PRNewswire.

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