Kredi, a mortgage credit platform, raises $2M for Mexico expansion

LatamListKredi, a credit platform, raised a $2M funding round led by Liquid2 Ventures and Emles Venture Partners to expand its operations in Mexico.

Kredi operates as a marketplace for Mexicans looking for credit loans to assist with home buying and mortgages. The platform presents clients with a range of credit offers. They can then select the one that best fits their needs.

“The Kredi process is simple; clients go to the website and submit a credit request. We carry out a preliminary check with the credit bureau and then go to each of the banks to see if they would offer a loan, and present these to the client,” explained Javier Aldape, co-founder of Kredi.

The idea for Kredi came to Aldape after his own personal difficulties to access credit working in a previous startup. Aldape saw an opportunity in the property market, which is still largely overlooked.

Kredi was also selected for the Y Combinator accelerator program, which helped them to secure their first investment. With the new funding, Kredi aims to offer more credit lines in Mexico and also expand across Latin America.

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