Kushki enables cross-border payments for global companies with Kushki Mundial

Andy Myers, General Manager of Kushki Mundial

Kushki, the payments technology company connecting Latin America, is introducing its new business division- Kushki Mundial. This division allows international businesses based outside Latin America to connect with the leading local payment solutions that Kushki offers. 

Kushki Mundial will be central to the company’s growth in the coming years. This division is aimed at helping global clients access local alternative payment methods and improving authorization rates. Kushki Mundial’s proprietary platform makes cross-border payments easier, provides quicker settlement of funds, and creates opportunities for additional revenue generation in new markets. 

Andy Myers, General Manager of Kushki Mundial, shared the following:

“I am very excited about the potential Kushki Mundial has to address the needs of global businesses by providing a quick and easy route to start accepting payments or enhance existing operations in Latin America (…) We have built an incredible team of experienced leaders in payments to unlock this huge payments potential in the region.”

Kushki Mundial will enable Mexico’s payments sector to grow by facilitating synergies with global companies and enabling their operations in the country. For Kushki, Mexico is a critically important market, second only to Brazil in Latin America in terms of economic size.

This decision is part of Kushki’s strategy to establish a modern payment infrastructure for Latin America that would be able to connect it with the rest of the world. Other Kushki milestones preceding this includes its $186M Series B round in June, which increased the company’s valuation to over $1B, and the acquisition of Billpocket in August.

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