Matera Expands AI-Powered Financial Solutions with Cinnecta Acquisition

Matera acquired Cinnecta, a prominent data intelligence company specializing in customer loyalty and profitability solutions. 

Matera’s vision is to offer strategic insights that optimize business operations. By using AI and data intelligence, Matera helps clients improve user loyalty and increase revenue.

This acquisition advances Matera’s goal of enriching customer experiences in the financial sector. The primary focus will be designing pioneering AI-powered solutions that cater to distinct individual needs.

“Undoubtedly, AI will drive improvements for our customers. Cinnecta, now Matera’s official AI arm, will amplify the value of our products. Our combined talents and technology will fuel the expansion of our capabilities,” said Carlos André Guimarães, Chairman of Matera’s Board of Directors.

With Cinnecta’s AI-powered solutions, Matera is well-positioned to expand its market presence and drive revenue growth. This strategic move underscores Matera’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation in the financial sector.

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