Mexican healtech Welbe Care receives $4.1M seed-round 


Mexico-based Welbe, a healthtech that offers companies and their employees a health membership, secured a $4.1 million seed-round led by Volpe Capital and Nazca, with the participation of SVLC, Kortex and GreenRock. 

Welbe is a healthtech company that offers a comprehensive occupational medicine and health platform for companies and their employees. Their platform provides a complete record of the health of employees, relying on data technology and AI to generate extensive health programs. Employees and their families have access to check-ups, face-to-face or virtual medical consultations in up to seven different specialties and laboratory tests.

The fresh funds will be used to consolidate Welbe’s presence in the Mexican market, strengthen its data technology, and close the year with more than 250,000 users on its platform.

Image courtesy of Welbe

This investment is the first one for funds Volpe Capital, Kortex and GreenRock in the Mexican market, the latter two specializing in healthcare technology investments. Volpe Capital is one of the most important VCs in Brazil, and is backed by SoftBank and BTG. SVLC is a venture capital fund based in Silicon Valley, which also has investments in Mexican companies like Clip and Jüsto.

Welbe currently has teams in Mexico City, Puebla, Queretaro, Monterrey and Guadalajara; and in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The healthech started operations in January 2022, and in its first 8 months they had an exponential growth, onboarding multinational clients from various industries, like: Henkel, Redbull, Engiee, Enel, Jüsto, TUL, Grupo SOMA, WRI, Ansamex, among others.

“In addition to the entire universe of people who have received care, we have 2,000 specific cases where we made early detections: diabetic people who did not know they were, people with cancerous nodules, hypertension problems, among others…”

Eduardo Medeiros, cofounder of Welbe

Welbe was founded in 2021 by Brazilians Eduardo Medeiros and Marcus Paiva, who previously led ClickBus in Latin America. The healthtech raised a $3 million pre-seed round back in May, bringing a total of $7.1 million dollars to its arcs with the support of funds and angel investors like: Nazca, Volpe Capital, SVLC, Kortex, GreenRock, Marathon, H20, Ike Asistencia, Ricardo Weder (Justo), David Geisen (Mercado Libre), Anderson Ramires (Partner PWC), Andre Maxnuk (CEO Mercer) among others. 

“Welbe’s idea is to integrate all the different healthcare providers [in Mexico]: from laboratories, insurance companies, health brokers, health care providers, pharmacies, specialists and occupational physicians. With this ecosystem we are able to provide accessibility [through the economy of scale] to all industry players, lowering the accident rate indicators, both in the private system and relieving the public system, [thus] creating a new path to preventive health and wellness for Mexican workers”. 

Marcus Paiva, cofounder of Welbe

By 2023, Welbe seeks to consolidate its position in the Mexican market and its technology. Additionally, they plan to position the brand as the benchmark for corporate occupational health and wellness benefits program management. 

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