Mexico-based Healthtech Welbe raises $3M for its platform centered on workers’ health


The Mexican Healthtech Welbe raised its first pre-seed investment round of $3M. Nazca led the round, a fund that also invested in other Mexican companies including Kavak, Jüsto, and Ben & Frank. Other participants were Marathon Ventures, H20, Ike Asistencia, and several angel investors such as Ricardo Weder, the founder of Jüsto, and David Geisen, Mercado Libre’s Country Manager for Mexico.

As a Healthtech, Welbe offers a comprehensive platform around the health and wellness of employees in companies. Through data technology and Artificial intelligence, the platform creates employees’ records, generates health programs, and provides greater visibility of the patients’ state. 

The platform integrates the application of annual examinations and analysis through 700 laboratories. Also, its service includes no deductibles or co-payments, and the employees’ family members can use it through an additional payment.

Marcus Paiva and Eduardo Medeiros, founders of Welbe, came up with the business idea after observing that a large part of the population in companies went to doctors at work. The problem was that health professionals working in companies were registering the patients’ clinical information manually.

“At this time, I discovered a great opportunity in Mexico (…) When we did a market analysis I discovered that there are 90 million workers who only have one doctor at work and this is the third most consumed in the country, since people use it more than 5 times a year”, explains Eduardo Medeiros.

The healthtech ended 2021 with 2,000 users and is expecting to increase this number to 100,000 in 2022. Also, the companies that used Welbe reduced their average staff turnover by 27%. The startup will use the funding to improve its technology, expand its team and close more partnership agreements to continue growing its network of laboratories and doctors.

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