Mottu raises $2M pre-Series A

LatamListMottu, a Brazilian motorcycle as a service startup, raised a $2M pre-Series A funding round from Allievo Capital, Caravela Capital, Fundação Estudar, and private angel investors. The startup will provide motorcycles for rental, “Delivering for the deliverers”.

Many startups in the mobility and logistics sector have struggled to generate revenue when balancing renting costs with delivery operations. Mottu aims to fix this issue by becoming the main motorcycle provider to the couriers who work for delivery companies.

Delivery companies such as Rappi and Hugo currently have to manage their motorcycle fleets for their couriers. With Mottu, companies will no longer have to worry about the maintenance expenditure and insurance of the vehicles. 

Mottu has over 300 motorcycles available for rental, and over 40,000 prospective clients have downloaded the Mottu app. With the funding, Mottu will acquire 2,000 motorcycles from Honda and continue to develop its technology and marketing strategies.

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