NotCo raises a $70M extension of its Series D round. Nubank announces a $330M equity capitalization, Ep 124

This week’s Espresso covers updates from NotCo, AltScore, and more!

Outline of this episode:

  • [00:28] – NotCo raises a $70M extension of its Series D round
  • [00:47] – Destacame closes a $10M Series B round
  • [00:59] – AltScore raises a $3.5M seed round
  • [01:10] – Plenna secures a $4.4M seed round
  • [01:22] – Nubank announces a $330M equity capitalization
  • [01:38] – Flapper secures $5.6M in a Series A round
  • [01:51] – Grupo Aval invests $30M in its fintech Dale!
  • [02:01] – New Crossing Borders episode

Resources & people mentioned:

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