Nubank acquires Hyperplane

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Brazilian neobank Nubank acquired the AI-for-banks platform Hyperplane, seven months after its $6M seed funding round. 

The acquisition will enable Nubank to enhance its AI capabilities, generate valuable insights, support decision-making, and improve the user experience for its customers.

“Our early AI investments, combined with Hyperplane’s infrastructure and talent, will accelerate our mission. Consumers worldwide will access top financial products and receive customized advice to improve their lives,” said  David Velez, Nubank’s CEO and co-founder.

With over 100 million customers in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, Nubank possesses a vast amount of banking data that, enhanced by AI, can fuel highly personalized services.

Nubank has made several tech-focused acquisitions over the years, including acquiring Cognitect, Easynvest, and Olivia, its first AI-centric acquisition.

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